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Since 2016, we have Inspired more than 5,000 clients worldwide,
from over 13 Countries covering 4 Continents 
(Asia, North America, South America and Europe).

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About Inspired Life International Sdn Bhd

We were incorporated in 2016 by our founder Fuen Yee with the humble mission to inspire life through Coaching & Therapy services in Malaysia. 

Beyond our wildest dream, our business began to grow to cities like Singapore, London, and San Francisco because our clients had experienced breakthroughs that transformed their life. 

This is truly amazing, and we’re blessed that our signature programs bring real value to the people, organisations, and communities.

Our Vision

To create a community of holistically happy & healthy people that live their desired lives passionately, purposefully & meaningfully.

Our Mission

To TRANSFORM and EMPOWER committed clients worldwide, based on hybrid neuroscience frameworks via Education, Speaking, Coaching & Facilitating and providing an alternative therapeutic approach (when necessary) for an effective, sustainable change while upholding our Core Values.

Our Core Team

Fuen Yee Manging Director & CEO

A very heart-centric person, Fuen’s vision to create better Humanity has led her to become an established international Psychotherapist, Coach, Speaker and Author with her debut book called “Boss, Your Wish Is Your Command!“. While busy changing lives of  clients from 13 countries, she squuezes her time to serve Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS), Complementary & Natural Health Council (UK), and selected as one of the judges for Stevie Awards for Women In Business for 4 consecutive years since 2018. Known for her patience and empathy, soft yet firm character, and great listener, Fuen loves to work with Individuals and Organisation Leaders who have had enough of the conventional approaches and seriously seek forward real transformation inside-out.

Andy Goh Executive Director & COO

Andy has extensive hands-on in all areas of operational works across retail, hospitality, tourism, sports and well-being industry. A great leader by example, he ensures highest integrity in performance delivery. Backed by uncompromised commitment for excellence, he has been invited as forum panelist and speakers in regional conferences. His involvement in Singapore Armed Forces for more than 15 years establishes strong foundation for performance standard, and a testament to his undivided dedication for peace, harmony and health.

PS Yee PR Comm & Marketing Director

Ms Yee brings with her more than 15 years of PR Comm & Marketing experience in beauty & health and IT industry. A passionate marketer and specialist in performance media, her strengths include developing & executing business strategy with consumer-focused market leadership, customer acquisition and retention, and creating strong competitive edge.

More About Fuen Yee's Story

Passionate in people development and an advocate for sustainable transformation from within, Fuen is favoured with more than 20 years of coaching experiences. As the RTT™ Pioneer Practitioner in Asia Pacific since 2016, she is blessed with international clients ranging from age 6 to 76, in 13 countries over 4 continents – Asia, North America, South America and Europe, addressing negative mental, emotional and behavioural issues.

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What drives Fuen to her success is her passion and perseverance in all areas of her life. Upon graduating from her Bachelor of Commerce & Management (Accounting) and managing accounting team for 3 years with impeccable results, she was challenged to excel in a male-dominant industry starting from zero-base. 


Grown from running neighbourhood mall with retail area of less than 150,000sq ft to super regional malls of over 1million sq ft worth more than half a billion of asset, then rank and file from Head of Accounts Department to the Leadership Team of Suria KLCC, and duly worked with a wide range of owners and officials, Fuen proudly held the national youngest female Certified Centre in Malaysia from year 2009 to 2013. She is also the only Malaysian todate to have received the honorary John T. Riordan Professional Education Scholarship from International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in recognition for her work. She was sought after for her ability to produce outstanding results through forging positively-engaged team. 


Despite all the glorious achievements, Fuen suffered severe depression and suicidal. Her chronic S.L.E (an autoimmune disease) added on more complications and challenges in life. It was her final decision to end her life in London that had overturned the trajectory of her entire life. 


Coming back to Malaysia as a completely new person, Fuen let go her 6-figure income in 2016 to pursue something she has always been passionate about – building positive, happy people. She started her business in an entirely new field, and she proudly explain, guide, share how the mind works and how subconscious mind changes one’s reality, including how she came out from severe depression, chronic S.L.E. and fear of public speaking.


Creator of 3 signature trade-mark registered programs and another 3 trademarked programs, Fuen transforms individuals and organisation cultures using the same neuro-science framework, with a tweak of gamification into the organisation to create breakthroughs via accountability yet happy workplace – a blueprint that fosters greater unity and win-win working environment for employees and employers.


She is especially passionate in removing blaming, complaining and justification – leading full practice of Integrity, Responsibility & Accountability – values that many organisations proudly embraced but hardly demonstrated.


The author of “Boss, Your Wish Is Your Command!” 


Fuen has been featured in the following national and international media :

  • US Podcast : ASIAN Women of POWER
  • Channel W 
  • Bernama
  • Utusan Malaysia 
  • Harian Metro
  • China Press 
  • BFM 89.9


She is the only Malaysian endorsed by UK Complementary & Natural Health Council (CNHC), in addition of being a great member of International Council of Psychotherapists (ICP). Currently Fuen also serves as the Vice President – International & Social Affairs of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS). All her work is covered by International Professional Indemnity Insurance since 2016.


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